Welcome to COMB Studio of Beihang University.

The mission COMB Studio advances is to prepare elite professionals for aircraft research and production which has entered a new era demanding higher innovation and creativity. All our efforts are devoted to creating an environment which encourages critical thinking, trying the new and striving to excel.

At COMB Studio, a research platform for the research on aircraft attitude control and the new layout of aircraft control, branched out from National Key Lab of Integrated Tech of Aircraft Control, our work is orientated towards aircraft control, aviation of unmanned planes without the support of satellite network, and universalized simulation training system for large unmanned planes. Click here for details.

We are committed to integrating theoretical ideas into practical work in our teaching and research and providing our students with comprehensive training progr- ams which allow them to effectively use their professional knowledge and skills in engineering projects. Join us! Your experience at COMB Studio will promise your pursuit of a Beihang PhD/ME degree a fruitful journey.


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